Babies Are Born With a Leaky Gut by Design, for Colostrum

We know that colostrum can help adults struggling with leaky gut—it’s an ideal supplement that contains a large number of immunities. It has been shown to help gut health and reinforce the lining of the intestines, repairing the damage done by allergies and indigestion. But why does colostrum play such an important role in repairing intestinal health?

The reason it’s so successful in repairing holes in the gut is that it’s initial purpose is to provide nutrients for babies, who are actually born with leaky gut. We were all born with a permeable gut lining solely so that we could benefit from colostrum; the holes that babies have in their gut allow for immunoglobulins to pass into their bloodstream. Colostrum is given to newborns to provide antibodies that protect against disease, and then seal their initially leaky gut, painting the GI tract with a barrier that protects from pathogens. Colostrum essentially acts as a natural vaccine for newborns.

Beyond infancy, holes in the gut can re-open, causing intestinal permeability. This can lead to allergies, other conditions, and disease. People soon realized colostrum’s vital role in sealing newborns’ guts, which is why it is now used to seal the guts of children and adults. It has been used by many people to heal and improve the gut lining—it can even protect from further inflammation and allow for the gut to heal. Colossal™, along with diet and lifestyle changes, can help seal the junctions in your gut, keeping particles out of your bloodstream and repairing your overall gut health.