Colostrum 101: Why Colossal™?

Prior to the production of milk, a different kind of fluid is produced in the mother’s mammary glands. It is regarded by many as “life’s first food,” because it is the pre-milk—the very first meal consumed by most mammals. It is only in the first hours after birth that this fluid is produced, which is why this superfood is highly coveted as the elixir of health.

As a supplement, colostrum is highly researched. That’s because every drop is full of growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, and minerals. It’s remarkably beneficial and widely used: adults consume it to boost immune function, mothers give it to their children to encourage a healthy appetite, and equestrians even feed it to their horses to ease nutritional stress.

So, why Colossal™?

We know there are other products on the market that carry colostrum. But these products are mostly available in capsule or powdered form. This may seem advantageous, but it requires high pressure and high temperatures to form a tablet. They’re processed, and in an attempt to increase shelf life and packaging convenience, these proteins and antibodies are denatured. Your body has a difficult time metabolizing denatured colostrum, rendering the product significantly less beneficial.

With Colossal™, you don’t have to worry about this process. We provide an all-natural, undiluted alternative to powdered colostrum. We don’t pasteurize the product, but instead leave it in its natural state, allowing the bovine colostrum to exist in its purest form. Rest assured that you’re consuming a non-processed supplement that maintains 100% bioavailability.

We want your body to be capable of processing the proteins, hormones, and antibodies. Simply put, we keep it clean so that you don’t miss out on any of the awesome benefits that colostrum can offer.