How Colostrum Can Help Reduce Inflammation

No matter how you spin it, inflammation in the body is never good. When a tissue is inflamed, it can cause severe pain by putting pressure on your nerves. Inflammation in your gut can be caused by your diet, medication, stress, and infections. When this pain occurs, most people’s initial reaction is to reach for pain meds that will only provide temporary relief and could have many negative side effects. Luckily, you don’t have to reach for a pharmacological option: bovine colostrum can offer you all-natural relief.

Colostrum has anti-inflammatory components that can help cool inflammation and promote healing. It has been shown to contain growth factors that can heal intestinal damage caused by pain medications and contains anti-inflammatory proline-rich polypeptides that can tone down overactive immune systems. Doing this reduces inflammation, which lessens the sensation of pain.

Learning about inflammation and the origin of your pain can help you understand why colostrum is so strongly recommended. Reducing inflammation is just one of the amazing properties of this superfood—not to mention, there are no negative side effects. If you’re looking to reduce inflammation and don’t want to undergo the side effects of painkillers and prescription opioids, consider adding Colossal™ to your routine. Doing this can give your system the natural boost it needs to kick the pain to the curb.