What Can Colossal™ Do for You?

With countless properties that encourage growth and immunity, a more fitting question would be, “What can’t Colossal™ do for you?” The truth is that colostrum is chock-full of goodies that can do amazing things for your body. Its properties are widely revered across cultures, and proper supplementation can support good health and balance. Here are just five examples of the amazing things Colossal™ has been shown to do.  


  1. It can boost your immune function.

Colostrum can help fight infection and other immune-related chronic diseases. Bovine colostrum is full of transfer factors like hydrogen peroxide that can educate your immune system on attacking invading pathogens. Colostrum can even serve as an anti-cancer treatment, as your immune system’s job is to kill cancer cells before they develop.


  1. Help you maintain gut health.

Colossal™ has been shown to promote gut health by coating the GI tract. It can restore leaky gut linings and stop toxins and gut microbes from moving into the bloodstream. People who take anti-inflammatory drugs can also greatly benefit from colostrum, as it can restore the damage these drugs cause to the gut lining.


  1. Support the health of your child.

Infants who have not been breastfed can be given colostrum to supplement formula. Colostrum can affect children’s growth in many ways by promoting their appetite, concentration, energy levels, and metabolism. Kids are always at a high risk of catching colds and other illnesses and colostrum can assist in the fight against the occasional illness.

  1. Help increase athletic performance.

Athletes use bovine colostrum to help burn fat, build muscle, and improve overall stamina. It can be particularly useful if used during times of intense physical training and stress—athletes typically prefer a natural product that can relieve cramps and nausea over pharmacological options.

  1. Provide nutritional needs for your pet.

Colostrum can work with cats, dogs, and other mammals. It can provide many of the same benefits for pets as it does for humans—like weight loss, immune system support, and improve allergies. It can be added to your pet’s food and is often used to assist with problems that come with old age, like joint problems and arthritis.