Where Does Colossal™ Come From?

It is often noted that humans are the only animal to drink the milk of another species. Around the world, people drink milk from all kinds of mammals including camels, goats, llamas, and sheep. But cow’s milk is the clear front-runner, due to its higher levels of calcium and protein. The same goes for bovine colostrum, which is most reliably sourced from dairy cows.

Colostrum intake is vital for a newborn calf, who needs the antibodies to develop its immune system and protect it from diseases. The first 24 hours are the most crucial time for the calf, who receives a significant volume of its colostrum in the first hour after calving. Colostrum is considered the most important meal the calf will ever consume.

Colossal™ is sourced from American USDA Grade A dairy farms. The cows are grass-fed, antibiotic free, and hormone free to ensure that the product is 100% pure. Only after the baby calf gets 100% of its colostrum needs is the extra sourced for human consumption. Around 20 liters of the first-milking colostrum is collected, but the baby calf only needs about 2. The remaining bovine colostrum is harvested in its purest form, without harmful heat pasteurization, into all-natural Colossal™.

Our product is then shipped to your door in a frozen-liquid state, jam-packed with factors and hormones that can promote growth, recovery, and stamina. Taking a daily dose of our supplement has been shown to help support immune system levels, heal injuries, slow aging, and even repair nervous system damage. The quality is in the high concentration of nutrients, and it all starts with the beginning of a new life, and the first food that sustains it.