The Benefits of Colostrum

Lean Muscle Growth

Increase lean body mass, bone density and burn fat. Colostrum’s growth factors are known to help build muscle faster and retain it longer. Studies show professional athletes improving their performance, strength and endurance with colostrum.


Colostrum has been shown to shorten recovery time and help athletes heal faster after a strenuous workout. Studies show it protects athletes against getting sick so they can continue to train hard. Colostrum has been shown to repair muscles, ligaments and cartilage.


Intense training sessions stress and weaken the immune system. Boost your body’s own self-defense mechanisms with colostrum, as studies have shown it to be extremely effective. Studies point to colostrum reducing susceptibility to viruses, the cold and flu so you can keep training.

Digestive Health

Your gut is the key to your health. It’s where infections and toxins can enter the body. Colostrum coats the digestive tract with a protective shield. Studies have shown colostrum to heal the gut and reduce inflammation while promoting the growth of healthy bacteria.


Increase your body’s ability go the distance.
Colostrum supplementation has been shown to shorten recovery time between spurts of energy and allow athletes to push their limits.