Colostrum is the first milk all mammals produce when they give birth. It’s a complex liquid that nature designed specifically for the unique needs of the newborn.

Colostrum is high in immune factors, growth factors, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Its benefits can be utilized by all species at any stage of their life. Colostrum is intended to provide vital elements to newborns that are critical for their survival.

Our high-quality colostrum is sourced from Grade-A Kentucky dairy herds with mature dams.  The colostrum is extracted within the first 12 hours after giving birth to allow for maximum immune support.

Colossal Milk is manufactured in Simpsonville, Kentucky. This product is 100% sourced and packaged in the USA.

Yes, bovine colostrum is safe and recommended for people of all ages.

No, there are no known side effects from the colostrum found in Colossal Milk.

No, Colossal Milk does not interact with other products and is safe to administer with medications.

From sourcing to you, Colossal Milk colostrum remains in a refrigerated/frozen and controlled environment. From the moment the Colossal Milk colostrum is extracted, it's packaged and frozen as soon as possible. This is done to prevent any contamination and to maintain the integrity of the product. Through this process, you are able to get the highest quality, concentrated colostrum available on the market today.

Our process allows Colossal Milk to remain a whole liquid instead of becoming a heat-treated powder. The process in which we use allows essential proteins (comprised of complex amino acids) to remain intact. We do this in order to provide you with complete nutrition across four key component categories.

Frozen Colossal Milk can be kept in the freezer for up to 18 months. Once thawed, Colossal Milk can last up to 60 days in the refrigerator.

Yes. The most common effects reported for colostrum in children are: stimulation of appetite, increase in energy levels, and higher metabolism.

Colossal Milk is frozen when it is packaged to ship and is placed in an insulated box to retain its temperature during the shipment process.

While every other league and organization allows the use of colostrum, the NCAA does not due to it's ability to increase IGF-1 levels in the body. 

Once your order is processed, you can expect to see your order in 2-3 days.

One pack is one box of product.  Each box will last you one month unless you use more than two doses per day or more than the 20 mL per dose.  If you order 1-pack you will get a one month supply of product.  If you order the 3-month supply of product you will get one box delivered each month for your 3-month subscription.  If you order the 6-month supply of product you will get one box delivered each month for your 6-month subscription.

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