Colostrum is packed with growth factors, antioxidants, PRPs and more!

Immune Supporters

Proline-Rich Polypeptides found in colostrum are shown to self-modulate the immune system up or down so that it can respond appropriately. Its immunoglobulins are antibodies that help the system identify and attack foreign bacteria and viruses, and they are shown to fight auto-immune diseases.

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Multiple Growth Factors

Colostrum has growth factors like IGF-1 which have been shown to stimulate muscle growth through protein synthesis and cell growth. IGF-1 combined with factors IgF-1, IGF-2, TgF, EgF, GH have helped athletes endure longer and perform better. Studies show that they slow down protein breakdown, helping to retain muscle that is built.

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Recover Antibodies Faster

Leveraging antioxidants Lactoferrin and Transferrin, colostrum has been shown to protect athletes against sickness like upper respiratory infections and fatigue.
Growth factors TgF-alpha and –beta are shown to rush in to repair muscles, tissues,  ligaments, cartilage, and even RNA and DNA— It’s basically the fountain of youth!

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Colostrum’s Lactoferrin acts as an antimicrobial and has been shown to destroy bacteria, thereby reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.
Immunoglobulins are shown to control the dreaded H. pylori and Candida yeast. Studies show colostrum treating Leaky Gut Syndrome by affecting intestinal permeability and promoting nutrient absorption.

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Studies show athletes experiencing an improved VO2 max with colostrum.

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