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Colossal™ (1200 mL)

Colossal™ (1200 mL)

Colossal is the only 100% pure and natural bovine colostrum on the market. Maintaining the integrity of the colostrum through keeping it in its raw-like and natural liquid form allows Colossal to be chocked full of biologically active compounds that contribute to overall good health. Immunity can be improved thanks to the immune modulating factors such as the 5 key antibodies, antioxidants Lactoferrin and Transferrin and of course Proline-Rich Polypeptides, as well as other key antimicrobials such as Lysozyme.

What can Colossal help do for you?

- Improve overall health and immunity
- Enhance energy levels
- Reduce body fat
- Support the growth of lean body mass
- Boost endurance threshold
- Increase mental clarity and focus
- Strengthen digestive health

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Colossal comes to your door in a frozen state. Keep it frozen for a later date, or place it immediately in the fridge to thaw. It must be stored in the fridge and shaken before each use.

How to Use: You can take Colossal any time, but it has been shown to be effective in the morning, after a workout, or in the evening. It can also be mixed with cold drinks such as protein shakes and smoothies or, of course, just by itself. It shouldn't be mixed with
coffee or other hot beverages.

Dosage: Use the included measuring cup to pour 20 ml and consume two times per day. Consistency is key! You may consume more for increased results.

*Note: product is shipped frozen in an insulated box to retain its temperature upon delivery. Once the product has arrived, please place directly in the freezer or refrigerator.

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